12 Nisan 2009


minik kara gözlerinle bakıyorsun bana işte,
sıcacık dokunan o iki gözle.

yarıda kalan kelimem dökülüyor yere,
belli ki artık sensin her kelimem.

17 Şubat 2009

Review: "Social networks that matter: Twitter under the microscope"

In the paper, Huberman et al. made an interesting conclusion about social networks in general, giving specific metrics on a dataset from Twitter.

The main idea is that the networks that are seen on the popular social networking sites on the internet is exaggerated and unreal, at least when examined with communication aspects of the network in mind.

By looking at a relatively small portion of the Twitter accounts, the paper reached at some valuable observations.

For example, the paper notes that number of posts of a user increases with an increase in the number of followers, but eventually saturates due to the fact that the time a person can spend on communicative activities is limited by nature.

But when number of friends is plotted against the number of posts, we see the positive effects of directed attention, people tend to contribute more when they feel that they are followed by people they already care. Contrary to the previous diagram, the curve does not saturate as the number of friends increase.

One must note that the definition of "friend" plays an important role here, a user is called a friend when there are at least two replies between the two users. As you see, this is somewhat more stronger than the traditional definition of a friend in this type of networks which was described as if you follow a user and she follows back, you are friends.

Thus, the paper concludes that the social networks contain a hidden network embedded in the publicly declared connections. This means that to understand the dynamics of interaction across the networks better, one must try to separate this hidden network from the actual network seen at first glance.

28 Ocak 2009

Burak Arıkan'ın Ağlı Bilgi Görselleştirme Atölyesindeki Çalışmam

25-27 Aralık 2008 tarihleri arasında Bilgi Üniversitesinde gerçekleşen atölyenin son günü bütün katılımcılar çalışmalarını eleştiriye sunmuşlardı.

Bir süre sonra hazırlanacak atölye web sitesinde bütün katılımcıların çalışmalarına ve ilk günkü yaratıcı ağ oluşturma egzersizine ait görüntüler de izlenebilecek.

DELICIOUS TAG AFFINITY NETWORK from onur gungor on Vimeo.

The video depicts one of the many works during the workshop held by Burak Arikan at Istanbul Bilgi University between 25-27 December 2008.


In this particular network, the nodes are the tags of the del.icio.us user onurgu. Edges are drawn between two nodes if they were used together to tag the same URL. The edge widths are proportional to the number of such occasions and the radius of the nodes gives us a clue about the centrality of that particular tag, i.e. it was used many times with other tags.

Author: Onur Gungor

The sketch is a modified version of Burak Arikan's graph sketch. It can fetch the data of an arbitrary user on the fly.

7 Aralık 2008

A Ubiquity Command for The Free Dictionary

If you haven't heard of Ubiquity, you must check this post which introduces the most interesting and promising extension for Firefox lately.

The simple idea is that we must assess the netizens with the right tools to be able to use and mash the diverse information up that is at the tips of their fingers. This extension is being developed for building a more immersive and accessible web.

It can enable us to make use of the static information on some web sites by transforming the raw data into a more informative form. For example, you can use "map" command to quickly get a glimpse of an address and its surroundings with images coming from Google Maps.

See for yourself.

Ubiquity for Firefox from Aza Raskin on Vimeo.

Having experienced the extension by myself, I was tempted to contribute by writing a command for quickly looking up a word in The Free Dictionary or TFD which I frequently use with the help of another extension called "Dictionary Tooltip". But you have to have the word on the page to use that extension, so it might come handy to look up a nonexistent but related word while reading an article.

You can subscribe to the command through this link if you have the extension installed. And if you haven't already installed the extension, please follow this link. You may too use addons.mozilla.org for that, but it requires a user sign-up.

18 Kasım 2008

iltifatlar - 2

gözlerin aktı durdu önümde. tutamadım.

belki de tutmadım. aşkı aşk yapan o sebepsizliği dinlemek istedim sinsice.

zaten geçti ilk andaki o hışmın, yüzün yavaş yavaş kendine geldi, beşiktaşta inerken yanaklarına bahar gelmişti bile.

neyi sevdiğini anladın mı ne?