23 Ekim 2007


If you had tried numerous accounting tools but had eventually given up because you need to add transactions manually, you have found your solution - at least in USA.

Using mint.com, you can track your money automatically because mint.com have deals with many banks and retrieves your earnings and payments through a digital channel. For example, using the details of your ATM spendings, it can build a pie chart dividing the spendings into several categories.

Also you can aggregate spending and payments of all your bank accounts into one single account and see your total easily.

Like every new thing we face nowadays on the internet, I think at first people might have doubts about privacy issues with mint.com, but as time passes by, anyone who is out of these services will begin to think that they *may* at least try them.

IMHO, this is a very important issue to investigate; what is the driving force that make people use these type of services that have a high chance of privacy issues, while they know that they may be slipping private info and may result in tracking their life?

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